As you struggle in this emotional war
Know that mothers who wage guilt were once where you are
Free will bound tightly that
Expressions of love began rotting until
Shapes grew misshapen the way
Bound feet become living grave of broken bones

And this culture once found these beautiful
Exalting stumps of control 三寸金蓮

Don’t be envious of brothers’
Receipts of ‘better’ or ‘preferential’
From mothers and fathers for
Brothers endure endless lashes of obligation to
Excel to perform to bury feelings to
Show only unbroken facades

Our mothers once upon a time survived with a coat of prickles
That now keep daughters at arms’ length

These quills we wear persist generations
Manipulation painted with love
As we wondered if
Independence was a commercial holiday for
Only people who were born

I don’t remember when I learned the language of manipulators when
I became my own enemy prisoner abuser




Original Jul 1, 2011
Revised Jan 27, 2020