STEM Keynotes & Career Development Seminars
2005 Keynote: University of Louisville PhD Career Fair
2007 National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) expert panelist
2008 Keynote: NIEHS Annual Biomedical Career Fair
2008 NIEHS Interviewing Workshop Presenter
2011 Caltech Inaugural PhD Alt. Career Club Seminar
2012 University of Missouri Alternative PhD Career Seminar
2012 Keynote: Univ Virginia Women in Math and Sciences Conference
2012 Keynote: Univ California at San Diego Annual PhD Conference
2012 Keynote: Baylor College of Medicine & MD Anderson Cancer Center First Annual Presidential Career Symposium
2013/2014 Various Competition Speaking with Toastmasters
2015 Boeing Women in Leadership Professional Development Seminar Series

Cornell University
B.S., Microbiology
1989 – 1993
Identification of plasmids mediating naphthalene biodegradation in Pseudomonas putida (bioremediation in environmental microbiology). …a.k.a. “How we make stinky bacteria eat up stinkier chemicals polluting the environment and create a win-win out of a smelly situation.”
Activities and Societies:
Cornell Alumni Admissions Ambassador Network, Cornell Taekwondo, Cornell Alumni-Student Mentoring Program

State University of New York at Buffalo
Ph.D., Biochemistry
1993 – 2000
Comparative Biochemical Studies of Rapamycin and Wortmannin on Transforming Growth Factor-Beta1 (TGF-b1)-Mediated G1-S Cell Cycle Progression in C3H-10T1/2 Embryonic Fibroblasts. …a.k.a. “If a stressed out cell shuts most everything down, what are the stress-response processes that keep on ticking, and what does this show about how normal cells feed versus how cancer cells feed?”

Medical Science Liaison Institute Knowledge Library
More than a thousand (1,000+) pages’ worth of medical science liaison articles, books, research reports, surveys and projects I have written/edited since founding the MSL Institute, made available to the industry and the public. I decided to make this knowledge available as a public service and for a greater good. I am also founder and publisher of MSL Quarterly, the industry’s oldest magazine founded in 2003 for medical science liaison professionals.

Alternative PHD Careers LinkedIn Group
I founded this LinkedIn group to help STEM PhDs pursue careers outside academia. The group specializes in advice from people who have done what they teach; growth to 10,000+ members in 3 years is driven by the quality of discussion.

Columnist of “The Clinical Side”, Pharmaceutical Representative (2004-2007)
Monthly clinical selling skills column for pharmaceutical sales representatives.

Honors & Awards
2006 PharmaVoice 100 Most Inspiring (Risk Takers category).
2007 First Place, District One Division C International Speech Contest (Toastmasters International).
2009 Second Place, District One Area C4 International Speech Contest (Toastmasters International).
2013 First Place, District One Area C2 Table Topics Contest (Toastmasters International).
2013 Second Place, District One Area C2 Humorous Speech Contest (Toastmasters International).
2013 First Place, District One Division C Table Topics Contest (Toastmasters International).
2013 Quora Top Writer.
2014 First Place, Division C Table Topics Contest (Toastmasters International).
2014 Quora Top Writer.
2014 Second Place, Area C2 Humorous Speech Contest (Toastmasters International).
2015 Quora Top Writer.
2016 Quora Top Writer.

Medical Science Liaison Institute Founder & President
Medical affairs consulting and strategy for life science companies specializing in field-medical science liaison / field-application scientific teams.

Certification for the Medical Science Liaison: An Idea Whose Time Has Come – or Not. Drug Information Association Journal 2011. (with Jimmy Black and Ken Massey)

Do the Right Thing: A Masterclass in Working with MSLs. Pharmaceutical Representative 2011.

Medical science liaisons – A look to the future. Journal of Medical Marketing 2008 [06/2008; 8(3):193-197] (with Peter Dumovic)

Ensuring Medical Science Liaisons Stick to the Science. Off-Label Communications: A Guide to Sales & Marketing Compliance 2008/2010. (with Bruce Armon / Book Chapter)

Measuring performance of field-medical programmes: Medical science liaison metrics consensus. Journal of Commercial Biotechnology 2007 [06/2007; 13:177-182] Jane Chin.

The Role of Pharma’s Field Based Professionals in Patient Compliance. Patient Compliance: Sweetening the Pill 2006.

Relationship, Risk, and Reinvention: Lessons from Field-based Medical Programmes. Journal of the British Association of Pharmaceutical Physicians 2006.

Marketing to Professionals: MSLs: Off-Label Promotion. Pharmaceutical Executive 2005.

Biotechnology’s Special Forces: Field-based medical science liaisons. Journal of Commercial Biotechnology 2004 [02/2004; 10:312–318]

Training newly hired industry-naive medical science liaisons. Drug Information Association (DIA) Forum 2004. (with Anselm D’Costa)

Marketing to Professionals: MSLs: Show the Value. Pharmaceutical Executive 2004. Jane Chin.

Canaries in the Coal Mine: MSLs in Competitive Intelligence. Pharmaceutical Executive 2004. (with Ben Gilad, Ph.D.)

Why liaisons lead to success in clinical trials. Good Clinical Practice Journal 2004.

Medical science liaison training beyond box of books. Society of Pharmaceutical and Biotech Trainers (SPBT) Focus 2004.